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Young Woman With a Water Jug

Johannes Vermeer

ca. 1660-67

Painting: oil on canvas

"This well-preserved picture of the early to mid-1660s is characteristic of Vermeer's mature style. Notwithstanding his remarkable interest in optical effects, the artist achieved a quiet balance of primary colors and simple shapes following subtle calculation and some revision during the execution of the work. The composition suits the theme of domestic tranquility, underscored by the basin and pitcher, traditional symbols of purity." - from the Art Museum Image Consortium

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY

Cotton Mather (1663-1728)

engraved by C. E. Wagstaff

after E. Pelham

19th century


Library of Congress, Washington D.C., USA

Family Group in a landscape 

G. van Donck (1610-40)

Roy Miles Fine Paintings

A Puritan Family, from "The Whole Psalms in Four Parts"

English School


Private Collection

Pilgrims at Plymouth

Clyde O. Deland

18th century

Library of Congress, Washington D.C., USA

Along the Canal in Old Manhattan

illustration from "The Evolution of New York"

Thomas A. Janvier (after Howard Pyle)

Harper's Magazine

Private Collection

Male and Female Quakers at their Assembly 

French School

17th century

Private Collection

The Quakers' Meeting

English School 

17th century

Private Collection

George Whitefield preaching 

John Collet 

18th century

Private Collection

The Pilgrim Fathers: Departure of a Puritan Family for New England

Charles West Cope (1811-90) 


National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

View of Boston Common

Hannah Otis (1732-1801) 

circa 1750 

Textiles: Wool, silk, metallic threads, and beads on linen ground

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Boston, MA, USA


Katherine Almy and Hannah Townsend

Rhode Island, U.S., circa 1725-50 

Textiles: Linen plain weave embroidered with silk

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Boston, MA, USA